Seattle has always been one of those cities where airport transportation is a hot topic. Sure, there’s (expanding) light rail and express bus service from the airport, but that doesn’t help if you live North or East of Downtown Seattle. There are Transportation Network Companies like Uber and Lyft, but they’re controversial.

Luckily, there’s a new game in town called ReachNow. It’s one of those short term, insurance-included, priced-by-the-minute car rental outfits, but it doesn’t come with the drawbacks of some of the companies that require you to drop the car off where you picked it up, or require parking in public parking spaces (not really convenient for airport trips). Oh, and it’s operated by BMW/Mini, so you’ll be in some pretty fancy wheels.

Their “service area” where you can pick up and drop off cars, cuts off on the South end at about Seward Park, which previously precluded pickups and dropoffs at Sea-Tac, but beginning August 10, members can pick up and drop off cars at the Wally Park Premier Garage. Right now the company is offering free lifetime membership for new sign-ups and a reduced per-minute rate for drivers. There’s a $5 for pickups and dropoffs at Sea-Tac, and that’s waived (through a future credit) through Labor Day.

Might be worth checking out if you’re a Seattleite or planning to visit the Emerald City in the near future. Portlanders, be on the lookout too, the company has plans to expand in your direction soon.