It’s quite a long ways off from Girl Scout Cookie season, so one might ask why I’m sharing Girl Scout Cookie news in August. Well, it just happens to be National S’mores Day (these national food days are murder on editorial calendars) and Girl Scouts is celebrating 100 years of selling Girl Scout cookies, and a history of making s’mores for nearly as long.

First things first: there are two s’mores cookies, one of which will be deployed in select markets for the 2017 cookie season. One version is a graham cookie sandwich with a chocolate and marshmallow filling, while the other is a creme icing and chocolate dipped single graham cookie.

“The new Girl Scout S’mores™ cookies capture the adventurous spirit, love of the outdoors, and feeling of community that are synonymous with Girl Scouts,” said Sylvia Acevedo, interim CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA. “As we approach the 100th anniversary of the first known sale of cookies by Girl Scouts, it only seems natural to celebrate it with a new cookie flavor that ties to our heritage and captures the adventurous, take-charge, and civic-minded spirit of our girls. Now consumers will have another delicious way to support girls as they hone leadership, financial literacy, business, and people skills while using their cookie earnings to address community issues or invest in fun and educational experiences.”

Smores Cookies Side by Side
Photo courtesy of Girl Scouts.

Aside from cookies, s’mores are perhaps one of the most enduring emblems of the treasured organization for girls. Girl Scouts were one of the first, if not the first, organizations to publish the recipe for s’mores, in a 1925 issue of Girl Scout Leader magazine. The recipe appeared again in 1927 in an official Girl Scouts publications.

I try not to share directly from a press release, aside from quotes, but I love this boilerplate to no end: We’re 2.7 million strong – 1.9 million girls and 800,000 adults who believe girls can change the world. Make that 800,00 and one.

To find out more about Girl Scout cookies, here’s a website.