What happens when you hire a bunch of Research & Development chefs and set them loose to wreak havoc on your menu? Snap Kitchen CEO David Kirchhoff found out the fun way earlier this year when they went from one development chef to three, and they’ve been on a tear.

For the unfamiliar, Snap Kitchen is a chain of grab-and-go eateries in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Austin, Philadelphia, Houston, and Chicago where diners can drop in and pick up healthy to-go items: salads with separate proteins, Paleo-friendly dairy-free dressings (if you’re into that, I personally question the wisdom of replicating a diet from a period when life expectancy topped out in the mid 30s) and a fine line of things involving brisket (the brisket and sweet potato hash recently rocked my world).

On the new salads, Kirchhof explains, “We had four major salads, and they were good, but we asked if there wasn’t an opportunity top really up our game in a major way to create a really compelling salad selection. [Development Chefs] Ethan and Matt came back with the notion of getting away from the idea of a salad being lettuce and garnishes and refocusing on salads as an amazing collection of fruits and vegetables and grains. They’re more like bowls.”

Some of these salads are nothing short of tremendous. There’s the “Summer Fling” with greens, sliced strawberries, quinoa, pickled zucchini, red onion, radish, and smoked almonds. There’s also turmeric in the pickled zucchini, a superfood which is known for having anti-inflammatory properties. It makes for a great summer salad.

There’s also the “Raw Rainbow” (pictured) with shredded brussels sprouts, red cabbage, zucchini, shredded carrots, broccoli, radish, and red bell pepper with pomegranate seeds and a miso carrot dressing. Plenty of fiber in this one.

Whether you’re trying to eat better or simply tired of greasy takeout meals served through a window, Snap Kitchen is worth a try. And with three development chefs putting their creativity to good use, it’s a good bet that there’s plenty more in the works.