Tahiti Tourisme, the trade association that promotes the French Polynesian group of islands it brands the “Islands of Tahiti” is focusing on the natural beauty of the islands, coupled with the Polynesian spiritual concept of mana, in a new worldwide campaign launched Monday.

Tahitians are one of many Polynesian peoples who believe in the spiritual concept of mana, which features prominently in the campaign with the new tagline “Embraced by Mana”. Mana is a life force and spirit that connects all living things, and is an element that forms the basis of spirituality for many Polynesian peoples, particularly those in the islands of Tahiti and Hawai’i, which have historic cultural ties. Mana can be present in people, places, and objects, and has been used to impart authenticity to the branding of Tahiti as a vacation destination for the “Discerning Explorer” core target audience of visitors who want to experience a deeper connection with their destination, and are willing to travel further for it.

“‘Embraced by Mana’ beautifully illustrates the inherent duality of the The Islands of Tahiti as a destination of world-class, iconic beauty and diverse, cultural discovery,” said Tahiti Tourisme CEO and Director General Paul Sloan. “With the new visual brand identity we introduced in 2014, and now a strategic global approach to tell our story, French Polynesia is well-positioned to capture more of the U.S. visitor market and increase our share of global tourism to the South Pacific.”

Accommodations in Tahiti range from moderate hotels to the ultra-luxe Brando Resort on the private island of Tetiaroa. Tahitian and French are official languages; English is widely spoken in resort areas.

Tahiti is eight hours south of Los Angeles by air, and shares the same time zone with Hawai’i. A semi-autonomous overseas department of France, the islands receive the same number of visitors per year that Hawai’i receives in five days. The international airport at Papeete is served nonstop from Los Angeles by Air Tahiti Nui and Air France, and once weekly from Honolulu by Hawaiian Airlines.

The ad campaign will debut in the United States and Canada, and will later be expanded to include France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Korea, Japan, Spain, Germany, Belgium, and Brazil.