As part of my new Voyagers program I’m introducing everybody with this travel survey, and I thought I’d share mine as well.

Most recent stamp in your passport: Argentina. I’ve never eaten so much great steak in my life. It’s all grass-fed, which is supposed to be more heart healthy than corn fed beef, and it’s easy to while away an entire day wandering Buenos Aires parks and public spaces.

Best dish you’ve had while traveling: I still dream about the tonkotsu ramen I had in Ebisu, Tokyo, where ramen is an exercise in existentialism. It’s served to patrons in single partitioned bar seats for singles where enjoyment of the sublime broth and paper-thin sliced pork loin is uninterrupted by conversation.

All-time favorite vacation: It changes with my mood, I often think fondly on my round-the-world journey in 2016 where I visited Vienna, Bangkok, Macau, Hong Kong, and Seattle before returning home, and stayed in gorgeous luxury hotels. It’s a tremendous experience leaving one St. Regis hotel with a butler-packed suitcase to end the day in another St. Regis in another country with the same suitcase unpacked and neatly fitted into the closet of your new temporary provenance.

Suitcase: In airline industry parlance, a BK 22. Your basic TravelPro roll aboard that I won in a Facebook sweepstakes, plus a Louis Vuitton Carryall.

Item you never leave home without: My iPhone. I’ll turn around to get it if I forget it. I frequently forget my charger, however.

Long haul flight antidote: A hotel meal and a bath if it’s a new city; a favorite restaurant and a bath if it’s not.

Dream destination: Tahiti. I’m going in November.

Best hotel amenity: Any hotel room with flowers gets my instant vote. At the Hotel Imperial in Vienna fresh flowers arrived in my suite at intervals throughout the day.

Best thing to do in your home town: In Anchorage, to drive up to the Glen Alps trailhead at one in the morning with a full moon in the winter to watch the contrails from the flotilla of Eastbound flights between Asia and North America streak across the sky. On Kaua’i a walk by the ocean after dinner.

On-the-go snack: I’m not a snacker but I’m always afraid I’ll be hungry on a long flights so I pick something up in the gift shop before I board. I find proteins more satisfying so it’s typically a sandwich. At Houston Intercontinental I found this packet of pepper jack cheese cubes in a resealable bag and they were just the ticket.

Favorite souvenir: I’m a sucker for a good wood carving, usually in the shape of a cat. I also have a growing collection of fridge magnets.