There’s been some good buzz around the fact that 2016 (tomorrow, August 25th, actually, if you want to get picky about dates) is the 100th anniversary of the National Park System. Earlier this year I reviewed a great book about our National Parks, and today I’ve gotten word from Brand USA (the marketing organization that promotes the U.S. as a destination to international markets) that Chinese blogger Chase Dong is currently on his way to visit a series of National Parks and protected lands across the US and is sharing his experiences on his blog.

Short entry here, and it’s mainly a plug to go look at these amazing photos. But in addition to that, use a translator (I used Google Chrome’s plug-in) and read some of his comments, noting that some of them will have near-universal resonance with anybody who’s well-traveled – he notes which sites are poor value for the money or which seem too crowded.

Good luck to Chase on his journey – I’ll be watching for more great photos!