National Chicken Wing Day? Sold.

Friday, July 29 is National Chicken Wing day. I’m typically not a fan of these national food holidays of questionable provenance (I don’t get the day off and neither does anybody else), but I AM a fan of chicken wings. In a huge way.

Chicken wings are one of those things that I can order off of almost any menu and enjoy it, and they’re almost always good, which means they can also be difficult to remember. When something’s always satisfying it’s hard to stand out. I’m a fan of the Calabrian chili-spiced wings at Carrabba’s and the massive buffalo wings at Bar Louie, but in Dallas, I’d say the ones that have to take the cake, the ones that stir cravings, are the ones at Pluckers. Photo up top.

They’re delicious, their Buffalo Mild sauce is just the right kind of tangy, and their bleu cheese dressing is serviceable. I know where I’ll be tomorrow.


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