I’m not a big snacker, and one of my primary reasons for not indulging often between meals is the fact that the fresh foods I generally find appealing as snacks don’t hang out well in the pantry during the long periods I spend without snacking at all. Now, there’s a solution to that in the form of Lupini Beans, which are typically served pickled in a jar, but have now been vacuum packed for on-the-go snackage in the form of Brami – Snacking Lupini Beans. 

They come in several flavors, including Sea Salt, Garlic & Herb, Chili & Lime, and Hot Pepper. The beans have to be cured for several days, like olives, otherwise they’re unpalatable. To be honest, they take a bit of getting used to. I personally found them a bit more palatable with the skins removed (they come skin-on, and while the skin is edible, it’s pretty robust) and they have an interesting nutty flavor (they’re a cousin of the peanut) and also remind a bit of a nuttier flavor of cheese (no doubt due to the curing). They’d get me by in a pinch, but I wouldn’t call them crave-able.

On paper, however, Lupins (as they’re called in English) are fantastic. They’re virtually fat-free and low calorie, a good source of protein, and high in fiber and folates. You just have to get past what could easily be called an acquired taste. But, the beans have long been popular as a snack food in the Mediterranean, particularly around the holidays, and the vacuum packed, snack-size packets should already be in demand for those who have grown up enjoying them as treats.

I say give it a shot. The worst you’ll do is spit it out.

Product samples were provided by Brami.