While the rest of the world can’t get enough of Royal Caribbean’s latest megaship, Executive Chef John Suley at sister line Celebrity Cruises has been cooking up a bespoke menu to pay homage to the pair of rare white truffles won by the line at the World White Truffle Charity Auction in Italy this fall. Celebrity Cruises today has been kind enough to share the full truffle-inspired menu, and Chef Suley graciously agreed to answer some questions about the new menu via e-mail.

As reported previously, the white truffles will make their seagoing debut in an exclusive dining experience on board Celebrity Equinox’s 10 Day Caribbean sailing from Ft. Lauderdale on November 21. Although specific sailings have not yet been determined, the truffle-inspired menu will also be available on board select Caribbean sailings in late November and early December.

When asked about what types of dishes worked best with the white truffles, Chef Suley mentioned that foods that were overly aromatic or had strong flavors were deliberately avoided: “The truffle is the king of the dish so I selected menu items that are earthy, rich, or decadent, to represent simple luxury.” The precious fungi will be shaved over each dish table side for guests sailing on board Celebrity Equinox.

There’s not much of a learning curve for the staff onboard either: “We have Executive Chefs and Chefs on our team that have had the opportunity to cook with these prized gems before, so they’re familiar with the process.” Quality is controlled via several communication channels, with step-by-step instructions, including photos, being provided to ensure each dish comes out of the kitchen just as it was envisioned by Chef Suley.

Specific voyages that will feature the truffle-inspired menu are forthcoming. Chef Suley indicated he would be delighted to participate in the white truffle auction again next year if an invitation is extended. Chef Suley is also working to purchase black truffles from the Perigord region of France.

The White Truffle Tasting Menu is presented below:

Cauliflower Panna Cotta; Caviar, Aged Soy

Salsify Root Soup; Quail Breast, Confit of Pears, Candied Chestnuts.

Creamy Wild Mushroom Risotto; Fricasse of Wild Mushrooms, Beurre Noisette

Pan Seared Turbot; Sunchoke Fondant, White Asparagus, Crispy Brussels Sprouts

Roasted Veal Tenderloin; Creamy Polenta, Stewed Leeks, Riesling Sauce

Hazelnut Dacquoise; White Chocolate and Truffle Chantilly