The newest AbFabSkyLife voyager is Kyle Snyder, a veteran globe trotter who lives in Dallas with his wife and son. We’ve gotten to know him through our travel questionnaire and look forward to following his travels.

Most recent stamp in your passport: London, in February.  Two of my close friends from college are huge soccer fans, and we planned a trip to see two English Premier League matches in the same weekend (Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur).  They live in New York so I met them at LHR upon arrival.  This was my first time seeing European soccer live and I really enjoyed it.

Best dish you’ve had while traveling: Mangia Pizza in Florence, Italy, during a trip there with my wife’s family one May.  I sat on the counter and watched my pizza made from scratch right in front of me.  I could have eaten there for every meal.

All-time favorite vacation: Both of my visits to China.  I visited Shanghai and Hong Kong as part of an around the world trip that included a stop in Berlin.  On that trip, I was visiting a friend who lived in Shanghai and worked in finance there – he is American but speaks Chinese fluently.  Even in a big city like Shanghai, it was the most culture shock I’ve ever experienced.  On a later trip with wife we went to Beijing, Chengdu, and Hong Kong.  We visited the Panda Research Base in Chengdu and took a picture with a one-year-old panda sitting in our lap!

Suitcase: My parents bought me a Tumi carryon for Christmas almost ten years ago. One of the wheels is a little out of alignment and one of the zippers is missing, but other than that it has served me well.

Item you never leave home without: For the longest time I would forget to pack sunglasses, so now I have several pairs that I’ve bought in various locations, the most recent coming from Key West, Florida a couple of weeks ago (I remembered to bring a pair but they broke shortly after arrival!)

Long haul flight antidote: Go light on the alcohol, eat well, drink a glass of sparkling water, take two Tylenol PM, fall asleep.

Dream Destination: Antarctica on a cruise.  I want to hit all seven continents and still need to get to Africa as well.

Best hotel amenity: A good WiFi connection helps me do some research and orient myself in a new city.

Best thing to do in your hometown: Growing up, my family bounced between Los Angeles, Chicago, and Denver before I settled in Dallas for college.  I like hosting visitors to Dallas almost as much as I like traveling, and I always enjoy trying one of the many new restaurants around town.  Dallas isn’t much of a draw for tourists but I do recommend the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealy Plaza.  Though the city isn’t necessarily proud of its legacy with the JFK assassination, the museum is well staged.

On the go snack: A good energy bar and plenty of water.

Favorite souvenir: As basic as this sounds, I will buy a postcard as a cheap and easy way to log places I’ve visited.  My wife and I also enjoy any souvenir involving bears.

You can also find Kyle on Twitter and Instagram.